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Reducing losses from forecourt crime for more than 30 years

BOSS – the British Oil Security Syndicate, has been campaigning to reduce forecourt crime and keep petrol stations safe and secure for more than 30 years. We help to recover more than £35 million every year on behalf of forecourt operators and our BOSS Payment Watch service has become the most successful deterrent against potential offenders. It is sensitive to retail customers who genuinely make mistakes but firm enough to deal with persistent offenders.

Find out more about BOSS and the Payment Watch service by either emailing [email protected] or telephoning 01926 864757

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Forecourt crime costs each forecourt retailer approximately £10,500 per annum per site

BOSS, the British Oil Security Syndicate, campaigns to make petrol stations safe and secure environments by working with retailers and the police to tackle forecourt crime including bilking, Drive-Off and No Means of Payment incidents.

BOSS research estimates that forecourt fuel crime costs retailers more than £88 million annually. Two thirds of forecourt fuel crime is No Means of Payment incidents (£66m p.a) with the remainder reported as Drive-Off incidents (£22m p.a). 

BOSS estimates that there are approximately 2.5 million incidents of unpaid fuel every year (2022).  The police spend considerable time recording and dealing with forecourt crime incidents. BOSS estimates police forces commit more than 800,000 resource hours per annum in dealing with retail fuel theft incidents.

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