reducing forecourt crime Tackling drive-offs and No means of payment


BOSS introduced the Forecourt Crime Index in 2015 to provide a better measure of changes in forecourt fuel crime. The index is based on Drive Off and No Means of Payment (NMoP) incidents reported to BOSS as part of its BOSS Payment Watch scheme.

Incidents of unpaid fuel have continued to increase since the Index was introduced. The facts point to a greater number of motorists now claiming to have No Means of Payment after filling up at the pump. NMoP incidents accounted for 60% of all reports.

In the majority of cases, unpaid fuel incidents appear to be a genuine mistake. However, we know that some forecourts are targeted by motorists who deliberately take fuel without intending to pay for it.

Forecourts are at higher risk during peak periods when forecourt staff are under great pressure. Forecourts operating Payment Watch carefully record vehicle and customer information for each unpaid fuel incident. This means that if a motorist does not return to make a payment, BOSS will make contact with the vehicle owner to collect payment on behalf of forecourt operators.



Quarter Avg fuel price in Q £/litre INDEX (Baseline 100 in 2015 Q2)
2019 Q1 1.256 145
2019 Q2 1.308 185
2019 Q3 1.305 170
2019 Q4 1.292 167
2020 Q1 1.270 199
2020 Q2 1.117 102
2020 Q3 1.166 146
2020 Q4 1.168 107
2021 Q1 1.218 141
2021 Q2 1.284 170
2021 Q3 1.315 185
2021 Q4 1.448 174
2022 Q1 1.610 199
2022 Q2 1.710 209
2022 Q3 1.758 244
2022 Q4 1.609 243
2023 Q1 1.481 244
2023 Q2 1.451 256
2023 Q3 1.530 259
2023 Q4 1.496 241
2024  Q1 1.413 232

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