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BOSS celebrates 30 years’ campaigning in 2021

BOSS celebrates 30 years’ campaigning in 2021

During 2021 BOSS – the British Oil Security Syndicate, will be celebrating 30 years of campaigning to reduce forecourt crime and keep petrol stations safe and secure for customers and retail staff.

Since being established we’ve worked alongside fuel retailers, the Home Office, the Crown Prosecution Service and the police to deal with Drive-Off (bilking) and No Means of Payment (NMoP) incidents. We created the successful Forecourt Watch scheme that has proved to reduce crime on forecourts.

We recover over £8 million every year on behalf of forecourt operators and our BOSS Payment Watch service has become the most successful deterrent against potential offenders either driving off without making payment or claiming to have no means of payment for fuel. Our approach is sensitive to retail customers who genuinely make mistakes but firm enough to deal with persistent offenders.

BOSS remains committed to making forecourts safer and helping forecourt operators to reduce losses and recover money owed from Drive-Off and NMoP incidents.

Stay safe during the current pandemic and follow all the appropriate guidelines.


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