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BOSS implements resilience procedures as Drive-Offs rise by 20%

BOSS implements resilience procedures as Drive-Offs rise by 20%

BOSS – the British Oil Security Syndicate, has implemented its resilience procedures to ensure that it is able to provide forecourt operators with a full level of service during the coronavirus crisis. The move comes as BOSS has recorded a jump of more than 20% in Drive-Offs during the weekend of 21/22 March.

Kevin Eastwood, executive director at BOSS said: “Fuel outlets are a critical part of the nation’s infrastructure so the health and safety of customers and staff involved in forecourt operations should remain a top priority.

“We are monitoring the level and type of forecourt crime incidents closely and during the weekend of 21/22 March we have seen reports of Drive-Offs incidents increase by 21%. This indicates that during these testing times forecourt retailers should be more vigilant.

“BOSS has introduced its resilience procedures to ensure that the BOSS Payment Watch scheme continues to operate during the crisis and help fuel retailers to support customers who make a genuine mistakes when paying for fuel and also deter criminal activity.

“Recent upgrades to the BOSS Payment Watch service allows retailers to report incidents of Drive-Offs and No Means of Payment using our online portal. The digital service makes initial incident reporting quicker, easier and, in the current climate, safer.

“The BOSS Payment Watch portal will remain open 24 hour a day and allow forecourt operators to monitor the status of all incidents reported, identify and respond to trends and, if necessary, implement new management procedures to control incidents of forecourt crime.

“Forecourt operators are coming to terms with an unprecedented situation as the government stresses that the nation must adhere to social distancing and simple hand washing guidelines in order to protect against the spread of the coronavirus. We must all play our part to keep the nation safe and secure at this difficult time.”

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