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BOSS integrates online POS systems with BOSS Payment Watch

BOSS integrates online POS systems with BOSS Payment Watch

BOSS the British Oil Security Syndicate has introduced new functionality that integrates online POS (point-of-sale) systems with BOSS Payment Watch. The move is intended to help forecourt operators who use online POS systems enter details about unpaid fuel incidents directly from their tills to Payment Watch.

The new functionality introduced by BOSS will improve accuracy and speed up the flow of information by connecting online POS systems directly to the Payment Watch database. Where forecourt operators use online POS, BOSS has developed the ability to transfer data about unpaid fuel incident reports from a POS terminal directly to the BOSS Payment Watch database.

Bruce Nichol, operations director at BOSS, said: “We estimate that there are 2.5 million unpaid fuel incidents taking place on the UK’s forecourts every year. When retailers adopt the new functionality data can flow smoothly from member sites to Payment Watch. This will save retailers time, reduces double-entry, and minimises human error.

“Integrating point of sale with Payment Watch is a must for any retailer that’s doing business online and offline. You want to be able to monitor unpaid fuel and reconcile payments when motorists either return to the site to pay or make a payment online via the BOSS payment portal.”

BOSS Payment Watch is the leading debt recovery service that is available to fuel retailers. The scheme features a robust set of guidelines and procedures that help forecourt retailers to deal with bilking, Drive-Off and No Means of Payment incidents.

Escalating fuel prices have seen the number of unpaid incidents increase by 22% in June. BOSS now expects unpaid fuel incidents are costing UK forecourt operators more than £100 million per annum.

For further information please contact BOSS at either [email protected] or 01926 864757.

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